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The brand follows “Roark” and his meandering travels as an elusive, idealized figure, weaving his story into a timeless line of lifestyle products, surf apparel, and trinkets.
Roark came to Southern India at the fag end of last summer to explore surf, skate and culture with the legendary Jamie Thomas, Nate Zoller, Brandy Grams and the lensman Dylan Gordon and other revivalists. We at India Surf Tour helped the revivalists find their adventures through the coastline of Southern India making it a very memorable outing for the Roark.


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Our guide & surf photographer Rammohan met the legendary explorer & surf photographer Ted Grambeau at a cafe on the Gold Coast and had a brief chat about the unexplored islands and surf breaks of the Arabian Sea. Couple of months after, Ted got the famed RipCurl Search to come to India with Dillon Perillo, Pat Curren & Luke Hynd with a team of amazing cameramen to explore and document the search. India Surf Tour handled all the logistics, production and permits of the entire exploration at far away islands and never surfed atolls of Arabian Sea.

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India was on the cover of Surfer Magazine back in 2011 with India Surf Tour once again guiding the Surfer magazine crew of Chris Burkard, Craig Anderson, Warren Smith and Chad Konig who scored some epic waves in southern Kerala and Tamil Nadu at some of the most iconic spots and seamlessly blended themselves in the culture of India.


castles-in-the-sky_2- India Surf Tours


Back in 2008, we at India Surf Tour had just discovered one of India's best surf spots in Lakshadweep Islands which is now popularly known as Rastas. Just a short while after discovering the spot, India Surf Tour took Taylor Steele, Dave Rastovich, and Dustin Humphrey to shoot one of their all-time great surf classics "Castles in the Sky" with Dave Rastovich immortalizing that wave with his signature surfing.


After the success of "Castles in the Sky", in 2010 South Africa's most respected surf photographer Alan van Gysen and writer Micheal Kew brought a crew of high-profile surfers Craig Anderson, Brendon Gibbens, Trevor Gordon, Chad Konig to surf the iconic Rastas which had by then gained the attention of the surfing world. The crew scored some epic waves throughout the trip and were stoked to have experienced a world class surf break with no crowd with India Surf Tour. Their story and adventures were published around the world in different magazines and publications further enhancing the expertise of India Surf Tour.



(Popular Japanese Actor & Surfer) - Kishore led a team of popular Japanese TV Show crew in remote Andamans with one of the popular faces of Japan, Sakaguchi Kenji surfing the remote surf breaks of Andaman Islands. The show was a huge success and got rave reviews for its amazing content produced along with India Surf Tour.


Bodyboarding's premier magazine "Movement" came to India led by Rod Owen, one of Australia's leading ocean photographers, the crew scored some epic swell at Rastas, Lakshadweep Islands which made the cover story of Movement Magazine.


Apart from these high profile clients, we have successfully taken a number of surfers and groups to experience some of the world-class surf breaks with no crowds and have offered our best services.