What are the best surf seasons for Andamans & Lakshadweep ?
Andaman Islands has only a short window for ideal surf conditions. Mid-Feb to April are the best times to surf Andamans. 
Laskhadweep Islands get the same swell as Maldives and the best times are from May to Mid-September.

 What is the mode of transportation to Andaman islands & Lakshadweep? 
To get to Andaman Islands, one needs to fly out of either Chennai or Kolkata to Port Blair, Capital town of Andaman Islands. And from there we take a sea plane to Little Andamans. Surf spots in Lakshaweep Islands can only be accessed by overnight boat ride from Kochi to the island. Kochi would be the starting destination. 

What is the mode of payment and when it needs to be done ?
You can either pay by bank transfer or PayPal. 50% payment needs to be done for confirmation of booking. The rest 50% can be done 7 days before the tour date begins. 

What kind of surfers can surf Andamans & Lakshadweep ?
Intermediate to advanced level of surfers can surf both Andamans & Lakshadweep Islands. Beginners are strictly advised against surfing at these surf spots.

How many surfers are there on each surf trip ?
We know most surfers are looking for un-crowded waves to surf and have good time in the water. Hence, we only take maximum of 8 surfers on each surf trip with a guide.