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Dubbed "The land of the head-hunters" by Marco Polo, who was the first western traveller to visit this chain of 572 islands, now commonly called as Andaman and Nicobar Islands. With only 36 of the 239 Andaman Islands inhabited, the dense tropical forests support an exotic, fragile ecosystem of unique flora & fauna, preserved and protected in 96 sanctuaries and nine national parks. Geographic isolation, heavily restricted travel, mysterious Stone Age culture and totally unchartered waters characterise this zone. Geologically akin to the Sumatran island chains, the Andaman's have been on many surfer's travel wish list since being unveiled in the late '90s by wandering photographer, John Callahan.

Although, most of the surf breaks in Andaman Islands are accessed by sailing yachts, Little Andamans is the only exception with a land based surf scene. South swells start to pump by mid February to April before the onset of monsoons in May which brings constant onshore winds, meaning there is only 2-3 months of good surf season in Little Andamans. We at India Surf Tours have an extensive knowledge about the island and it's different surf breaks which consists of both high performance and barreling waves suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. We secure required permits to access many of the best "out of bounds" surf spots that other surfers can't get to, with some good local knowledge and transportation.

India Surf Tours - Andamans Tours
April 19Fly to Port Blair, 1 Night in Port Blair
April 20Dept from PB - Arrival at Hut Bay, Little Andamans
April 21Surfing in Little Andamans
April 22Surfing in Little Andamans
April 23Surfing in Little Andamans
April 24Surfing in Little Andamans
April 25Surfing in Little Andamans
April 26Surfing in Little Andamans
April 27Surfing in Little Andamans
April 28Surfing in Little Andamans
April 29Surfing in Little Andamans
April 30Departure from Hut Bay to Port Blair
May 1Fly out of PB - Arrival to Mainland, Chennai

Package: 12 Nights/ 12 Days
Per Person Cost: USD 1440 for the Entire Package - $120 per day/per person Package Includes:

  • Airport transfers at Port Blair on arrival and departure.
  • Accommodation in Port Blair for 2 nights. (At arrival & departure)
  • Ferry tickets to Little Andamans from Port Blair and back.
  • Accommodation, Food, Permits and Local transportation at Little Andaman


    Note: Accommodation is on twin sharing basis with AC Rooms, wholesome 3 times local meals a day, transportation will include 2 wheelers and a 4 wheeler to transport surfboards.

Accommodation & Transportation

Little Andamans doesn’t have much tourist inflow or the high-end infrastructure to cater to tourism, which can be a blessing to surfers who are seeking to get away from all commercial establishments and crowd. The island offers basic but comfortable facilities for a traveler seeking perfect waves without the luxury.

We at India Surf Tours have developed a special relationship with a local family from the islands for many years now. They have been hosting us with great hospitality and surf tourism has helped them a great deal to prosper as well.

They offer 5 AC Rooms on twin sharing which can accommodate 8-10 guests. The rooms are clean, comfortable and come with an attached bathroom.

Food is wholesome, nutritious and produced locally offering both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.
When it comes to transportation, We offer 2 wheelers to all our guests to commute from the accommodation to surf breaks, we will also have a 4-wheeler to transport surfboards and gear. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to reach different surf breaks from the accommodation.